About Us

Founding principals Adam and Lisa Christie created Christie Architecture in 2004 as a collaborative design office offering architecture, furniture, and interior design services for residential and small commercial clients. Christie Architecture is founded on the principle that design should be representative of its time, physical context, and purpose. We believe each client and project is unique, and thus tailor our design responses to each situation.

The design inspiration for each project comes from the client’s goals and needs, existing conditions, site considerations, and budget. Coupling these concerns with creativity and experience produces projects that meet the program, respect the budget, and exhibit ingenuity.

Christie Architecture believes that successful projects start with a clear design intention followed up with thorough drawings and specifications. We spend time getting to know our clients so we can craft spaces that truly meet their needs. We place a high emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail and believe that the use of high quality materials offers the best long term value for our clients.

Christie Architecture is licensed in Oregon, Washington State, and California.