Sylvan Basement

Portland, OR

1,387 SF
The Best in Basement Living
There is always room for improvement in a basement. While some people use this added square footage for storage, a party room or miscellaneous activities, this 1950s daylight ranch presented the opportunity for full living quarters.
The mahogany mantle provides a place for flowers and trinkets in the Sylvan Basement.

Cut black stone covers the original brick fireplace at the Sylvan Basement.

To introduce a distinct sense of place in this home within a home, the focal fireplace was given a much-needed facelift. The dated brick fireplace was reclad with black stone tile, a black granite hearth and a mahogany mantel.

The original living room in the Sylvan Basement dated to the 1950's and was ready for a remodel.

Built-in shelving provides a finishing touch that defines this refined living area.

Thoughtful space planning makes better sense of the convoluted plan and maximizes square footage. A hall now guides guests to the ample bed and bath areas.

All of the cabinetry, doors, windows and trim are mahogany in the Sylvan Basement.
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The glass panel is original to the 1950's house and was reused in the renovation of the Sylvan Basement.

Continuing the use of mahogany in the basement area creates cohesiveness between the different levels of the home. In addition to incorporating the wood for the mantel, cabinetry, doors and windows, an original glass wall was preserved by framing it with the signature mahogany.

The kitchen area continues the simple, modern design by complementing the rich wood tones with black porcelain tile flooring and black granite countertops. A denim-colored tile from Encore Ceramics is set in a 2/3 bond and provides an inspired accent. 

The renovated kitchen is partially hidden from the living room by a glass screen that is original to the house.
A new electric induction range and stainless steel hood are the focal points of the renovated kitchen in the Sylvan Basement.

Whether space for family visits or an apartment for rent, this project proves you can live in style in the basement.

1" x 6" blue tile is set in a running bond pattern for the kitchen backsplash at the Sylvan Basement.