Hawk Ridge Midcentury

Location: Tigard, Oregon

This project involved remodeling and enlarging an existing small and awkwardly arranged kitchen in a 1960’s split-level. A small addition was added to the front of the house under the existing eave to create much needed workspace, and a wall was removed to open the kitchen to the dining room. The entry hall was reconfigured to clarify the circulation through the house. The combined result of these small changes creates a space that feels thoughtful, open, and modern.

The kitchen features a large island that separates the working area from the seating area. A 3’ x 8’ skylight centered above the island brings in natural light and helps the existing lower than average ceiling feel higher.

The sink, fridge and island cabinetry are white foil, while the cabinetry that extends the full length of the range wall is plain sliced walnut. The white foil provides a quiet background for the drama of the walnut. A new slate fireplace surround was designed for the existing living room firebox.

Finishes include: gray oak flooring, walnut cabinetry, white foil cabinetry, quartz countertops, stainless steel countertops, ceramic tile, slate tile, and polished chrome accessories.