Industrial Rehab Tigard

Location: Tigard, OR

Tasked with replacing a small covered entry to a small industrial office that was not ADA accessible, we worked with the owners to reconsider the look of this conventional industrial concrete box into an eye-catching and unique office, all while leaving the primary massing and interior mostly untouched. This tilt-up concrete structure started as a classic industrial typology: large warehouse box fronted by a low-rise office box. The owners wanted to create a new look for their business’s new home to stand out in this industrial neighborhood.
The office block was reclad in a stucco skin that offered a medium to re-shape the box into a new and unique form that would distinguish this property from others in this industrial neighborhood. The warehouse was painted dark to create a background against which the new office block would be seen. The new steel and wood canopy provides an industrial look that breaks down the impenetrable solidity and dated nature of the existing concrete panels. A covered deck was added to the south end of the office block for employee lunch space. The walking steel columns and tilted deck bring energy to the entry and provide a welcoming procession to the front door. The canopy is filtered to screen seasonal sunlight at the office windows adjacent to the entry.