Richmond Craftsman

Portland, OR

3,369 SF

Out with the old, and in with the new
View of the multigenerational Portland Craftsman from the southeast corner.

This dense SE Portland neighborhood is full of small, 100-year-old Craftsman homes. While our client loved her existing house, its state of disrepair and inability to accommodate multigenerational living caused numerous headaches. Additionally, zoning regulations made it next to impossible to renovate. The best answer to meet her goals was out with the old, and in with the new.

The multigenerational living house is is shown in red in this overall vicinity plan of the neighborhood.
Plan drawing of the multigenerational Portland Craftsman.

Building to support multigenerational living.

The long, narrow corner lot made this design process tricky. Area zoning requirements were established for 50 x 100-foot sites and this 91-foot long parcel tapers from 37 feet to 30 feet making it challenging to design a multi-unit home with a garage. 

The design takes advantage of the narrow site, maximizing the zoning code while prioritizing the style and architectural context. By digging down, the plan accommodates a full basement with a tuck-under garage and one off-street parking spot. This helps minimize the scale of the home on the property while supporting the program requirements.

Carefully considered Craftsman-style exterior detailing thoughtfully integrates the home into the neighborhood while eaves with exposed rafter tails and lap siding with belly band and water table details break down the scale. Double-hung windows, window and door trim with backband moulding, custom brackets, and highly detailed porch railings add finishing touches.

Front elevation view of the multigenerational Portland Craftsman showing the tuck-under garage and large front porch.
View of the multigenerational Portland Craftsman from the north east corner, showing the ADU side entry, rear porch and back yard.

The plan cleverly addresses the multigenerational living needs of the client so eight people can comfortably live in the home with a sense of privacy. The lower level accommodates the garage and a one-bedroom, 563-sq.ft. ADU (accessory dwelling unit) to provide a long-term income source.

The main level provides living, kitchen, and dining space and a full primary suite. The second level includes two children’s bedrooms, a jack-and-jill bathroom, a small office, and another full primary suite. There are laundry accommodations on all floors.

Lower level plan drawing.
Lower Level Plan
Main level plan drawing.
Main Level Plan
Upper level plan drawing.
Upper Level Plan

Designed to be a good neighbor.

When building a new home on a corner lot in an established neighborhood, reinforcing community connections is a priority. A large front porch maintains the Craftsman charm and allows this multigenerational household to interact with neighbors. A defined side entry gives the ADU a distinct street presence while supporting tenant privacy. And a well-articulated back porch and quaint backyard add the finishing touch.

View of the multigenerational Portland Craftsman from the back yard, showing the rear porch.
View of the multigenerational Portland Craftsman from the southwest corner, showing the tuck-under garage and large front porch.