Hawkridge Modern

Tigard, OR

762 SF

Opened, Centered and Styled
A bright orange-colored tile backsplash sits behind the stainless steel gas range at the Hawkridge Modern. The surrounding cabinets are plain-sliced walnut. The countertop is stainless steel.

This 1960s split-level was a good home, but it was time to make it better. It lacked the charm and detail of a true home sweet home. And it needed a little reorganization. The design strategy makes subtle changes for maximum impact — a residential remodel that improves the home’s look and feel as well as its function.

White RTF cabinets and white quartz countertops in the residential remodel.
White RTF cabinets with white quartz counters. Engineered wood floors after the residential remodel.

Sometimes, adding the smallest amount of space can make all of the difference. The remodel pushed the front wall of the house out by four feet, while maintaining the existing eave and roof line. This realignment, combined with a clear landscaped walkway, allows for a more defined entry sequence. Guests now experience a real sense of arrival at the well-appointed front door.

Other space adjustments included the removal of the wall between the kitchen and dining room and the removal of an entry hall closet. A wall of walnut cabinets spans the kitchen and dining area, creating connectivity and consistency. 

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Now, the flow and feel from one space to the next make perfect sense.

It is fun to work a client’s favorite color into a project. This orange hex tile by Clayhaus adds a touch of sunshine to the kitchen. The impeccable accent adds a colorful pop to the work area. It also differentiates the rich millwork wall in the kitchen from its companion wall in the dining room.

A pair of fox-shaped salt and pepper shakers sit on the stainless steel counter next to an orange-colored whisk.
An orange casserole container and a red bowl filled with pears sit on the quartz countertop.
An orange-colored backsplash made of ceramic tile sits behind the stainless steel gas range after the residential remodel. The cabinetry is plain-sliced walnut.
An eight-foot long skylight was added to the kitchen during the residential remodel.
This is a photo of the kitchen before renovations.

How do you make the best of an existing low-ceiling situation? The answer for this residential remodel was to add an eight-foot-long skylight over the island. It adds visual interest as well as ample natural light.

Here comes the sun.

The plain sliced walnut millwork is a sophisticated detail that creates visual consistency between the kitchen and dining areas. The wall frames the workhorse part of the kitchen while adding hospitality appeal to the dining room side—a striking backdrop and buffet area.

Walnut cabinets span from the dining room through to the kitchen after the residential remodel.
The renovated dining room after the residential remodel features a built-in buffet crafted of plain-sliced walnut.

The residential remodel gives the entry a more welcoming appeal. A defined porch directs guests through a stylish door and sidelight entrance. The reworked floor and ceiling plan provide clear views for easy wayfinding.

Black slate flooring highlights the entry hall in contrast to the wood floors throughout the home. Hooks provide a spot to hang up coats and then head on in.

Entry hall after the residential remodel. It is more open to the kitchen and living room.
Open plan after the residential remodel. The four spaces (living, dining, entry and kitchen) are open to each other and have a much more flowing layout.
Living and dining rooms open to each other after the residential remodel.

This sunken living room needed a better sense of style. New centered openings allow family members and guests to sit, relax and enjoy the views.

This is a photo of the living and dining room before being renovated.
This is a photo of the fireplace before being renovated.

The elongated horizontal line of the redesigned fireplace visually re-proportions the room, making it feel more open and spacious. From short and squat to long and lean, the space feels more inviting while the honed black slate gives it a refined aesthetic.

This is a photo of the living room after the residential remodel.
Slate tile fireplace.