What We Do

What We Do

We bring stories to life.

Whether your home or your business, every project starts with an idea—your goal, dream or challenge. That is why you are looking for an architect. You need help giving shape to an idea and bringing it to life. We are ready to guide you every step of the way. 

Christie Architecture What we do
Christie Architecture What we do

We explore the creative possibilities of your goals.

We provide vision and clarity. We consider every detail of it, explain it and coordinate it. We see your idea through from concept to construction—every single detail.

Our collaborative process begins with you.

We establish the foundation of our working relationship, learn the best ways to communicate and gather the data we need from you—peeling away the layers of information to determine your project parameters and programming needs.

Christie Architecture What We Do Adam Christie
Christie Architecture What we do

From there we explore concepts that can achieve your vision.

We play with the puzzle pieces of your project until we hone in on the best solution. This is an exciting phase of the process, endless possibilities being whittled down, tested and weeded out. The perfect solution for your space will emerge.

The proposed design will balance aesthetics and prioritize your needs, wants and desires. There will be choices to consider and decisions to be made. This is part of the magic of architecture, the result is a design you can’t wait to inhabit.

The most important part of the process is the details and steps that come next.

We leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships to manage these important phases—the technical design documentation, specifications and construction administration. From codes and jurisdictional processes to material applications and construction methods, we foresee the critical path to completion and guide you there.

Christie Architecture What we do
Christie Architecture What we do

“I started this project with a vision but not the ability to articulate it. Lisa seemed to see right into my head and create exactly what I was seeing in my mind. The result was impeccable, and the process went so smoothly because of her attention to detail, organization, communication skills, and clarity of vision.”

Wendy C.


We design a variety of residential and commercial project types.

We transform existing houses to maintain charm and character while meeting modern lifestyle needs and expectations. We can also bring your dream home to life from vision to construction. We make living spaces comfortable and memorable.

From tenant improvements and new entries to interior facelifts and ground up construction, we design commercial environments suited for work or play. We are interested in working with business owners who value beautiful spaces. We make working spaces desirable experiences.

Christie Architecture is licensed in Oregon, Washington and California.

Christie Architecture What we do

Ready to bring your story to life?

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