Concordia Renovation

Portland, OR

708 SF

Time to Add the Finishing Touches
This 1940s split level was a unique contemporary design for its time but was missing the mark on memorable details. To make matters worse, the kitchen was isolated from the dining area and suffered from an unworkable layout.
A large island separates the eating area from the prep area at the Concordia Renovation.

The kitchen is open to the dining room at the Concordia Renovation.
The old kitchen was dark and poorly laid out at the Concordia Renovation.

Flipflopping the kitchen and dining room, and adding 22-sq.ft. made a world of difference—a totally revamped first-floor living experience.

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A striking bank of clear vertical grain fir cabinets ties the kitchen and dining area together. The millwork maximizes storage and supports entertaining while providing the perfect space for an artistic touch. The warmth of the cabinets is complemented by the rich fir floors. White accents and chromes finishes add to the mix making this space a modern masterpiece.

A large window and sliding glass doors flood the space with natural light and provide enticing views and easy access to the outdoors. Built-in bookshelves bookend the millwork wall—nice nooks for cookbooks, keys and charging stations. 

Bookshelves are built into the ends of the cabinetry at the Concordia Renovation.
A niche in the cabinetry provides space for wine storage and art at the Concordia Renovation.

A recessed alcove built into the cabinetry in the dining room serves the dual function of both buffet counter and art display nook.

The kitchen sink and window faces a view of the back yard at the Concordia Renovation.
The old stair guardrail was flimsy and not fitting with the style of the existing house at the Concordia Renovation.

The stair design was one detail that was not quite right. A little more massing and traditional elements give it substance and a better presence at the entry.

The new stair guardrail at the Concordia Renovation is traditionally detailed and fits the style of the existing house.
The existing fireplace is covered with green brick tile and surrounded by a custom blackened steel mantle at the Concordia Renovation.

The fireplace wall can make or break the look and feel of a living area. The right trim transformed this space. The addition of a picture rail pops the impact of the cove moulding. A modern facelift to the fireplace includes a custom blackened steel fireplace surround and green brick cladding.

The existing living room at the Concordia Renovation was dark and dated.

“Working with Lisa was enjoyable and easy, and the renovations now feel like they have always been this way and always should have been this way. This is our forever home, in large part because no other kitchen on the market is as perfect for us as this one.”

Tim C. & Laura J.


The fireplace features green brick tile and a custom blackened steel surround at the Concordia Renovation.

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