Little Prescott House

This three-bedroom, 1,320-sq.ft. home was deconstructed and brought back to life as a 1,145-sq.ft. two-bedroom haven. Built-ins bookend the centralized bathroom, creating a clear circulation path throughout the home. The garage was detached from the house—to restore easy access to the backyard—and reintroduced as guest quarters.  Beautiful built-ins unify the design of the main living… Continue reading Little Prescott House

Hillsdale Deck

The clients wanted a deck experience at both the kitchen and basement levels, a connection to the lower yard, and a hot tub, an outdoor shower, and a fire pit. Accommodating all of these needs was an exercise in 3-dimensional space planning. A new door was added to connect the existing kitchen to the deck… Continue reading Hillsdale Deck

Family Porch

A clever design solution brings a backyard lifestyle just out the front door. And when the owner is a contractor, it makes the complicated construction a bit easier on the team. The ingenious concept connects a new structure directly to the basement so the homeowners can drive into the garage and enter the house without… Continue reading Family Porch

Modern Farmhouse

This couple invested in the bigger picture – they wanted to honor the bones of where it began and bring it to an honest place in the modern world. The entire home was reimagined. It was reorganized to establish a logical and natural flow of space. Due to all of the additions, a distinct style… Continue reading Modern Farmhouse

Sylvan Basement

To introduce a distinct sense of place in this home within a home, the focal fireplace was given a much-needed facelift. The dated brick fireplace was reclad with black stone tile, a black granite hearth and a mahogany mantel. Built-in shelving provides a finishing touch that defines this refined living area. Thoughtful space planning makes… Continue reading Sylvan Basement

Hayden Island Facelift

The existing vertical cedar siding was warping, and the overall aesthetic was looking dated. It was time for the stonework and octagonal window to go. The new façade emphasizes visual texture. A combination of vertical and horizontal butt-jointed stained cedar adds variety to the exterior. The directional changes break up the massing of the house… Continue reading Hayden Island Facelift

Patton Modern

The existing plan featured an open kitchen, living and dining area within a single space beneath a dramatic cathedral ceiling. A single column smack in the middle made it feel a little awkward. Clearly structurally significant, the challenge put creative problem-solving to the test.  Moving it would be a considerable cost and effort, with very… Continue reading Patton Modern