Hayden Island Facelift

Location: Portland, Oregon

This project involves re-cladding the exterior of a 1970’s architect-designed home on Hayden Island, in Portland. The original skin, consisting of vertical tongue and groove cedar, is dated and starting to fail. The windows are uninsulated and the building is drafty.

The new design features both 1×4 and 1×6 stained cedar with 5/4 cedar window trim. The combination of the different sizes of siding, along with the projecting trim, gives the building a fresh new look with elegant shadow lines. Windows were reconfigured and replaced in order to bring the home into the 21st century, while the original metal guardrails were reused to maintain the classic 1970’s vibe.

We took the opportunity to not only to redesign the look of the building, but also make some much needed energy-saving improvements. Prior to installing siding, the walls will receive a 1” layer of exterior insulation and a full rain-screen drainage system, in order to improve the thermal capacity of the house and maintain the longevity of the exterior skin.