Point Loma House

Location: San Diego, CA

This new house for a young family in San Diego’s Wooded Area neighborhood uses simple, subtle textures to create a comfortable home with indoor/outdoor living areas that take advantage of the temperate coastal climate. The existing late 1940’s era house suffered from small size and a disjointed layout, so the design team proposed replacing it instead of trying to fight its peculiarities.

The building design is an economical vocabulary of flat roof, boxy massing and standard unit window openings with a few special openings to enhance the experience of indoor/outdoor living. Proportion and scale drive the composition. Overhanging eaves protect windows from the high midday sun. The second floor massing is slid southward to open up second level terraces facing the rear yard, break up the front facade and create natural protection of openings in the front wall.

At the first floor, large sliding multi-panel doors open the living room and kitchen to the back yard via a paved patio. Stained cedar cladding oriented vertically and horizontally further breaks down the massing of this two story structure.

An improved thermal envelope protects interior comfort, preserves quiet, and saves energy looking well into the future.

Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2020.