Location: Portland, Oregon

The Studio is a detached 650sf workspace on a southwest Portland residential property surrounded by tall forest.

The structure was situated to reinforce an existing entry forecourt on the remaining flat spot in a hilly site. It created a clear approach without creating confusion about the access to the primary residence. This is accomplished by its position on site as well as with its material choices. The wood boardwalk leading to the front door distinguishes itself from the concrete sidewalk leading to the house front door.

The studio plays on the house’s traditional visual cues (gable roof, siding type and color) to create a complementary modern partner. The studio’s board and batten siding is a playful pattern of black-stained, rough-sawn cedar tongue/groove siding and battens on a repeating pattern that brings some subtle energy to the facade, especially on sunny days. The metal standing seam roof conceals the gutters in an extended eave which also provides shelter for an entry alcove.

With its position near the street, neighbors often stop to study the structure and landscaping. Privacy is preserved by the windows mostly providing a forest view to the northeast, away from the street. Extra daylight is brought into the workspace by four skylights and a cathedral ceiling inside.